Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello All

Hello Lovelies! I know it's been quite a while, but things have been a bit stagnant since Alura Hills sank into the sea. I've been working hard on my book and playing with my Meeroos.Oh, and I got married when you all weren't looking. Something is afoot. I just received a letter from Madame Sah. She's in a far away land. The letter contained, of all things, a job offer..... Not very specific, but obscene amounts of L have been mentioned. I'm tempted, but I'm wondering if she's still holding a grudge. I think I need more information before I put myself within arm's reach of that devious woman. I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Final Chapter - From Whence We Came

First the Djinn's sands overran the sleepy little town, and we had to pay for Madam's dabbling in the supernatural with desert conditions for a few weeks. Now Mother Nature has decided to pay us a call....

The major off-shore earthquake has caused a permanently shelf shift and now the waters that surround us are rising to dangerous levels. A state of emergency has been issued for all coastal towns. There has been a call for an immediate evacuation of all residents, this includes those of us that live in the bluffs in Alura Hills. Is a tidal wave imminent?

As i gather up my most prized possessions, like my roos, loading up my vehicle, I look off towards the new development of Isola Alura. The bay has already swallowed the houseboats and is climbing rapidly to engulf the bridge. There is no time to waste.. I hope everyone makes it out in one piece, including Madam and her band of henchmen.

I will miss this town, and all of its intrigues. It was my home, play-place, tableau and tapestry to weave together the contents of this blog and share it with my voracious readers... Until we meet again, be well my lovelies. I must be off, just in these few moments it's taking to write these lines, the waters have begun to...............................................................

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Sands of Time

I think Madam has been playing with the supernatural again.. ... Last week, Alura Hills was overtaken by the desert, and there's a very nasty Djinn in residence in the center of town!

There's a party tomorrow, at 1pm slt, at Lure Manor. Moulin Rouge is performing an Arabian Nights theme again! This very talented group, delighted audiences last week with their Harem of the Nile show.

The Lady Dragon herself, Dagmar Haiku is going to host the party as well.

This should be a good time! If you need an invite, hit me, Madam or Dagmar up in world.

Time to "Open Sesame"

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The week in review! Mermaids, Moulin Rouge and The Full Package!

Hello my lovelies! It's been a very exciting week here in Alura Hills! So where to start?
The Friday night street parties have been going very well. Last week, we partied down at the bay as Mers, and this week, the heavens opened for Gods and Goddesses. Surprisingly enough, Edward and Bill Manor showed up at the evening event for the Mermaids, and someone snuck out to see the the aquatic beauties as well.
The Full Package Male Dance Revue descended on the town Thursday in the visage of very sexy vampires! Their sizzling hot emotes and story-telling style lit the venue on fire! The set build was an absolutely stunning mausoleum and crypt unveiled themselves to let the men out of their coffins.
The Moulin Rouge performed Friday night! Their Harem of the Nile production was incredibly well done and captivated the audience completely. The beautiful music and the even more stunning dancers took over the Arbor Theater for almost 2 hours. Not nearly long enough. They could have kept going all night, in my opinion. They are performing again today at 1pm slt at the Arbor Theater. I believe seats are still available, but need to get there early to get a seat. After that outstanding performance Friday, I imagine it's going to be standing room only today!

The major climate change has greatly impacted Alura Hills. Our sleepy little town has turned into a desert! Madam is playing again, setting up the next big event! There's a party happening next Saturday, March 24th. Whispers are that genies, magic carpets and sand play into the theme. Keys have been scattered about the town again... Stay tuned!

Friday, March 9, 2012

He's Back!!!

Well my lovelies! Look who's back on the scene! Edward Manor, right hand man and gatekeeper to Lure Manor was spotted disembarking from a ferry last week. Where he's been hiding out for the last month or so, has yet to be ascertained, but when questioned, he said he's been taking care of matters in Old Town and taking charge of the renovations. Interesting cover story, as he's not been spotted anywhere in Alura for weeks now.
I'm very curious what his reaction to the recent press Madam Sah and our DA, Rowen Devlin have garnered. How much of what's been going on been done with his knowledge and permission, and how much has been done with the "when the cat's away, the mice will play" mentality? If the latter is the case, that was foolish on Sah's part. She has to realize that anything of note done by her, ends up in the news.
Edward made an appearance with Sah at last week's Friday party. I had a verbal cat-fight with Sah, during which, she lost her usually cool composure and blew her stack at me, in public. Edward interceded, practically pulling Sah back to the Manor by her hair for a dressing down of his own. Apparently, he wasn't pleased by her lack of control. I would have loved to have been a mouse in someone's pocket for that conversation!.. Stayed tuned! I wonder if they're going to show at today's party? I know Sah loves mermaids!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Homecoming, In Style!

Well it would appear that our new DA, Rowen Devlin has found digs in the beautifully revamped Old Town Alura Hills, renamed Isola Alura.

He received a proper housewarming gift from Madam Sah, in the form of a lap-dance.

In light of all the recent changes to local zoning laws, pushed through by Mr. Devlin himself, the renovations to Old Town are being done at break-neck pace. Fueled by funds from Lure Manor, I have to wonder at Edward and Madam's motives. Then again, Edward hasn't been seen around much, since the romance between Rowen and Sah began. I'm fairly certain this isn't the path he had envisioned. I wonder what his reaction is going to be when he comes home to Sah, emptying her coffers into Old Town, and shacking up with the new DA. The latest rumor is that Rowen's wanting to have a baby? I'm looking for confirmation on this as we speak... Stay tuned.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Drumroll please! Isola Alura opens

Hello Lovelies! So all those changes being made in the Alura Hills zoning laws? The real estate has skyrocketed in the past few days, could it be due to the new changes going on in City Hall? Discussion about expanding our little town even further; business property zones are filling the mouths of politicians, allowing outside corporations to set HQs here and City Hall moving its location to Old Town Alura for complete redevelopment. This is the most action we have gotten from City Hall in since the sudden 'departures'!
Our 'wonderful' new DA, Rowen Devlin has been quite busy his few few weeks in office. Not prosecuting crime or anything so pedestrian, oh no. Rowen has been dabbling in the real estate market, house hunting in the newly revitalized section of Old Town, Isola Alura. I wandered through the other day. I must admit, Madam Sah's money has been well spent. It's beautiful, and the new waterfront, with the pedestal houses over the water, is quite stunning. It's amazing how quickly the house are being sold to the who's who.
Pictured is our happy couple Rowen and Sah, on the hunt for suitable bachelor digs. Isn't it cute how they dressed alike for the outing?? ... Gag.. It may actually be love, and not a matching of convenience, after all.
So Rowen, any progress on the investigation about the disappearances?

Monday, February 27, 2012

More tidbits!

Well let's see.. what news should I mess with first?? I apologize for my extended absence, but after last round, I needed a break to re-think some things and decide how best to handle some underhanded people. So I'll visit the week's highlights, then move on to the lowlights!

I'm very excited!! The SLuicide Girls have moved into Alura Hills!! I'm a great admirer of the blog and am thrilled that those sexy, tattooed ladies are going to be creating their own brand of mischief in our fair town!

The Alura Times Gazette has released the first issue of our newspaper. Editor-In-Chief is yours truly. For all our residents there is a paper waiting for you near your front door, grab when you have a chance! There's also going to be copies sent out via notice and available at the cafe! If anyone is interested in having a column or advertising in the newspaper, please talk to me or Madam Sah.

There's only 3 days to get your pics in for the Aleida casting competition! See past notices for notecard or stop in at one of the shops for details.

Saturday, I always like to sail on a Gondola in Isola Alura, it’s amazing the change crossing the pier will do in environment from the hustle and bustle of the Alura Hills to the serene quiet sound of ocean. If you haven't seen the new addition to this part of town, you should, it's gorgeous! More on this next blog!

Cade Nansen has moved into one of the studio lofts in town. This hunky guy is recently single and needed some decorating help. Renovations on his rooftop are in progress! Please tell me you're going to indulge in some sunbathing Cade! I want a schedule!

The real estate market has skyrocketed in the past few days, could it be due to the new changes going on in City Hall? Welcome new residents! We've seen a huge boom in housing population over the last few days! I'm going to have some fun with this. Our new DA is overturning zoning laws and trampling over city codes right, left and center.. more to follow.

Lastly, we've added another music set to the Friday Night Street Party for the the Europeans that don't want to or can't be up all night long to party with us! Please join us 10am-1pm slt for the awesome DJ Lynx! I thinks she's going to go with a crazy fantasy theme mixed with 60s rock!

On that note, I've gone on long enough for one day. I'll be back tomorrow to have at our new DA!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Throwing down the gauntlet!

So Mr. District Attorney, you want to play? Let's play! Messing about with my private server and deleting or altering my pics, pissed me off if you hadn't guessed. It was done on either your orders or by you personally. Though I doubt it was done by you personally, as most politicians lack the technical knowledge to be an effective hacker. Or much knowledge that would be of any practical use other than to be smarmy. Your notice proved that you're not much more than an opportunistic drone with the same old things to say. How about those disappearances? Any insight yet?
I wonder about the seduction scene with Madam... Who was doing the seducing? Letting Madam think she was seducing you to gather you in her back pocket? Or is this a mutually beneficial relationship? One in which you get her money for campaign funding in exchange for manipulating the town council in her favor? Or turning a blind eye to her 'affairs' about town?

Saturday, February 18, 2012


You may be wondering what this picture is of??? Guess what?? I'm wondering as well....
I came home last night and uploaded my pics from the ball at Lure Manor, then went to bed.. Figuring i'd write the blog this morning. I woke up to this!! All my pictures had be either wiped or done over this "you do not have clearance to view this content - alura hills city hall - rowen devlin" bullshit!! WTF! This is my own private blog, and last I knew internet regulation was federal business!! NOT the business of our new District Attorney on the take!

Oh yes, boys and girls, you heard me say it! Our new District Attorney, Rowen Devlin, is in the hip pocket of Madam Sah, the Lure heiress. At the party last night, I personally heard Madam say she was 'above the law'. Then it was alluded to that it must be nice to own the DA... to which Madame replied that she was just taking an 'interest'. Rowen was voted in by the board of old town Alura...and how does old town play into any of this?? The rumors say that Madam is taking an 'interest' in the revitalization of old town.. I'm sure there's strings attached to any monies changing hands. Oh and did I mention they, Rowen and Sah, threatened to go have sex on my desk?? I retorted that if they did that, I do the same, in her bed!

All that aside, it was an amazing party! Fabulous tunes by DJ Lynx, and hosted by Dagmar and Paola. Beautiful dancers from the Moulin Rouge hung from the rafters and other place, and there was a far bit of bare skin shown, including mine. (btw, Dean James, nice ass, and other bits) Turnout was extraordinary, as other rooms in the Manor were opened as 'playrooms'. People drifted in and out of the main room to go 'explore'. I was otherwise occupied by my fabulously handsome dance partners.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ball Invitations!

Hello Lovelies! I've been informed that today is the last day to RSVP for the masquerade ball taking place tomorrow night at Lure Manor!

The skies over Alura Hills have been filled with the flapping beat of crow's wings, as invitations take flight across the grid. IM Madam Sah (Impatwin Toxx) to get on the guest list!

I'm still undecided whether I'm going to trust that there is no nefarious motives behind my invitation..... To be continued.. as usual

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As I sit here at my kitchen table, with my ever-present cup of coffee, I stare at a set of no-copy keys. The invitation lays next to the keys on the rich oak tabletop. Leaning back in the chair, the steeple of my fingertips propping up my chin.... How interesting... I would think I would be the last person in town to be invited to this 'ball' on Friday, or be allowed to pass keys to others.
I'm of two minds about it... Is this Madam's way of an olive branch as a way of making the peace? Or a way to get her finely-manicured claws into my hide? While I have a certain disregard for my own safety, stepping foolishly through the dragon's maw, seems precipitous... even for me. Time shall tell. I wonder if she's heard about my little investigation into her political dabbling.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Crow, A Key and An Invite

Hello Lovelies! I went in town yesterday, and found an illuminating light over the fountain in the center of town. In the center of the light, hung in mid-air, a glowing key. A person can reach out and touch it, and right click on it as well. There are glowing keys elsewhere in town, and one hidden in my personal space.... But.. the weirdness doesn't end there...

I awoke this morning, grabbed my coffee and headed outside to the deck to enjoy the sunrise. There, on the railing, black as night, stood a crow, with an envelope in its beak, and a packet tied to its leg. Must be the training, because it stood there calmly, letting me unlace the black ribbon ensnaring the packet. Dropping the linen envelope at my feet,.. a single caw.. and took flight off into the rising day.
Opening the envelope first, find the enclosed picture invitation with the words on the back...HOSTED by Dagmar Haiku & Paola von Tauber!
When: Friday, Feb. 17th
Time: 5PM-9PM SLT
Location: LURE Manor
Dress code: Dark, gothic, fetish, and latex with a 1700s twists
Tasteful Nudity Allowed | Masks REQUIRED

To gain free access to LURE Manor for Carnival Only please send a NC or IM to Madam Sah (Impatwin Toxx) with your name and guest. You will be added to the access list and receive event key Thursday

In the packet... 5 non-copy keys.... to be continued

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Strange Lights

Mysterious beams of light came last night over the Manor shooting what looked to be human figures under the ground. following another beam that came over Alura and now hovers a weird glowing key with an eery chant. When touched, it speaks to you with a warning or guidance. The occurrence has made night fall over the town with no reason why.
I suddenly feel like I'm in an episode of the 'Twilight Zone.' Methinks Madam's communing or playing with or making deals with things she has no business messing about with. Coincidence this is the run-up to Carnivale? Probably not, and I'll place good odds that it also has something to do with the murder of crows on the wing about town as well.
I'm going into town later to see what i can find out, and try to track where these lights are landing and play detective... Something's afoot, yet again!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On the wings of a messenger

Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice once said.. The skies over our fair town have been awash with the darkness of the winged. That murder of crows seen arriving a few days ago, would appear being put to use.
Last night, Madam Sah was spied with a crow hovering nearby. The bird was given an object thought to be a key, then it headed off into the approaching night. The key dangling from its beak, wings beating with purpose, the flutter and flap fading into the distance... destination only known to Madam and the recipient of said key.
Madam's up to something. Another game to play, an exclusive event, or simply a message? Time will tell.. stay tuned lovelies!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Carnivale, Crime, and other tidbits

Hello Lovelies! I know it's been a few days, but I'm fighting a nasty cold at the moment, so the brain cells are moving slower than normal. So what's been happening in Alura Hills??? Let's see...

Our District Attorney elect Rowen Devlin, has promised all the usual politician things to get his foot into City Hall. We'll see if he actually keeps his word. His personal involvement with a certain party is disconcerting to say the least.
The lack of a mayor and sheriff is still troubling, and noises are being made about head-hunting candidates from outside of Alura Hills. I would recommend that the disappearances of previous office holders be left out of the sales pitch.
The Friday Night Street Parties with DJ Lynx have been an absolute blast! We're going to continue doing these as long as the people continue to come! It's been very interesting to people watch. Some of the interactions set the mind ablaze with curiosity! Last week's theme was Clue Party/vintage with Lynx spinning some amazing tunes! This week's theme is Roaring 20s~ Gangsters and Molls. The party will take place 6-9pm slt probably in the streets in front of the ballroom. IM me for details.
The Full Package Male Dance Revue visited our little town last Thursday. One word.... HAWT!!
They'll be back next month.
Carnivale is descending upon us quickly, and there's a rumor going around about a masquerade ball taking place up at Lure Manor! That would fit with the flurry of activity taking place up the hill. Performance artists have hit town, and the most curious arrival... a bird trainer with a murder of crows (how appropriate). I wonder what that's about...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Full Package visits Alura Hills

The temperature at Mermaid Cove in Alura Hills almost reached boiling point Thursday, as the sexy men from The Full Package Male Dance Revue paid us a visit! These guys are some of the most eloquent emoters on the grid with the physiques to match. The crowd experienced 90 minutes of amazing synced dancing, and sizzling hot emotes. The turnout was incredible, almost packing Mermaid Cove to capacity.
Led by Klark Harvy, The Full Package has been ensnaring the imaginations of ladies all over SL for over a year now. They do regular shows on Thursdays and Saturdays at a variety of venues, including their home venue, The Depot. I highly encourage a perusal of their fabulous show! We're hoping to make them a regular guest performer in Alura Hills. Stay tuned for more details!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

wow what a night!

Hello lovelies! Forgive me for the lapse! I overdid it at the party Friday night and thus spend yesterday recovering a bit.
The Friday Night Street party was amazing! The lovely DJ Lynx laid out a magnificent set of tunes in our own Alura Hills Ballroom!
Some very interesting conversation was overheard between certain dancers... If that's what was said in local, I'll bet what was being said in IM had to be unbelievably hot! I know my IM got a bit warm from time to time!
Everyone was exquisitely dressed, and our normally demon-skinned DJ sported a creamy human skin, under a smashing dress! I about fainted when I saw her!
I epically failed... no pics, my bad... i was having such a good time.. I forgot.. go ahead and spank me.. no really go ahead!
Next week's Friday Night Street Party will be a 'CLUE' Party from the movie Clue. Dress as your favorite character from the movie or just a period piece! And I hear tell that Mardi Gras weekend there's going to be a Masquerade Ball!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Under the radar!

It's amazing how two disappearances, of two very public officials, managed to slide under the radar. I managed to get my fingertips wrapped around some suggestive photos, and now delve into the depths of 'crime' rather than scandal. Recent rumors that have reached my ears, makes me wonder whether publishing this, is going to be hazardous to my continued health.
Now, our second sheriff, in as many months, has left town rather suddenly and unannounced We think he left town.... but after looking at the photos taken at the sheriff's home the morning after he didn't show for work, I'm not so certain anymore.
One of the photos is from the Mayor's home, with the lamp in the foreground, almost three months ago. The living room was the only room disturbed, not so much as a sign of struggle but rather a hasty departure. As you all know, our missing Mayor was an unrepentant womanizer, so him blowing town quickly, was not that unexpected.
The other pic is from the sheriff's home, same story, different chapter. Two weeks after the Mayor, he vanished without a trace as well. Not a word of suspicion even whispered.. The town elders just appointed another sheriff after a cursory search for a qualified candidate.
I have some interesting thoughts about the connection between the disappearances, and the activities elsewhere in town. I'm trying get my hands on some files, to see if there's any back up to my theories.. stay tuned.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Potential District Attorney!

Hello lovelies! Meet a candidate for the open District Attorney position here in Alura Hills. This is Rowen Devlin, from all reports, a talented lawyer and budding politician. His handsome face has been plastered everywhere.

I did a bit of checking into Mr. Devlin's credentials the last few days. Star athlete in high school, honor student throughout his scholastic career, and groomed from an early age to follow the family tradition of law. A smooth talker with a rapier wit, waltzed him through law school, where trouble seems to know where he was located at all times.

Upon graduation, he joined a Los Angeles firm, where an ensuing love affair, rumored of course, with a married female partner, got him discharged and blackballed in L.A. Daddy was none to please by this turn of events, and cut him off.

Now he's here in Alura Hills, oft seen in the company of Madam Sah, lady of Lure Manor. It would appear his penchant for a powerful woman is unabated. We'll see if this romance continues after the honeymoon phase. Will he be so wound around her little finger, that he may not be an effective official? Turning a blind eye to the underbelly of Alura Hills, might be safer for his health as well.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Street Party in Alura Hills!

Hello Lovelies! For those of you that may have missed it, we had an impromptu street party at the Alura Hills cafe last night! It was a blast with the amazing DJ Lynx spinning some tunes and fielding every request tossed at her. I was pretty mean to my dear friend, for her inaugural set here in town, proposing a "stump the DJ" quest! She indulged in some payback with some of her late song choices. The mode of dress among the crowd was amazing, very chic for a street party. The best dressed casual I think I've ever seen, check some of the pics! About 40 people ebbed and flowed throughout the set, and I was highly amused having the guys on my 'non-girly' dance hud. We're hoping to make the street party a regular thing, with different themes and styles of music!
While dancing the evening away, I noticed the political campaign posters plastered all over town. Upon closer inspection, it would appear we finally have a nominee for the D.A. position. I almost got whiplash when i recognized the face mounted on our walls. Our possible future district attorney is none other than Rowen Devlin, recent frequent companion of Madame Sah. Curiouser and curiouser.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Elections! and other items of interest!

Hello lovelies! As you all probably have noticed, town elections are rapidly approaching! We're still in need of a Mayor, a sheriff and a District Attorney! Nominations will be open til the end of next week! No candidates have stepped up for the position of Mayor nor sheriff as yet.

The town elders have been time-sharing the mayoral duties since the last one left three months ago under, what shall we say, mysterious circumstances. He just left a resignation letter in someone's in-box. We'd all assumed he had ran off with someone's rich wife, as the notorious womanizer he was reputed to be. However, when the sheriff vanished without a trace two weeks later, suspicion has blanketed the City Hall. One has to wonder what they were into, as the investigation is now at a dead end.
Meanwhile, our replacement sheriff, who has been a non-entity til now, didn't show up for work the day before yesterday. Search of his home, show signs of a hasty departure.... or foul play.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sights in Alura Hills

Designers are coming into Alura Hills as spot for inspiration and its photogenic beauty! This photo was passed to me as a point of interest. I thought this outfit, designed by Kara Dresler, was cute enough for kicking around town in. Looks suitable for anything from a casual stroll shopping to wandering the caves by the mermaid cove!
-photo by Sudevi

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


There will be no blog on Wednesday Jan 18th, this blog will be inactive to support the blog blackout! As I'm unable to blackout this blog.. this is my vote of support for the blackout! I will be back on Thursday!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Gina Stella was absolutely exquisite last night! Her amazing voice lit up the Arbor Theater like a live flame! Her set was an absolute delight and everyone seems to have had a wonderful time! I can't wait til she comes back to Alura Hills! A few side notes for the masses...
That young man who accompanied Madame Sah to the burlesque show Friday night? He was back, and they were more publicly affectionate than I had seen to date! Under the watchful eye of Sir Bastion, they cooed and purred at one another in a nauseating display and then made plans to proceed elsewhere after the show. Curiously, Sir Bastion had little to say. Miss Adora, that bombshell, is giving out lessons! For what, is yet to be ascertained, but she appears to have a fan base and a line out the door for her attentions! Another of the Lure girls, Jessica, put in an appearance as well. This one is an unknown quantity as yet, but she was captured entertaining in the cigar lounge a few weeks ago. As she left the theater, I overheard Madame admonish her about staying away from the town boys. Looks that one brings her fair share of attention as well... stay tuned.. I'm still waiting for Sir Bastion to address Madame's public indiscretions.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gina Stella in Alura Hills Tonight!

The very talented Gina Stella is gracing the Arbor Theater in Alura Hills with that beautiful voice tonight at 6pm slt! If you've not heard her yet, you're missing out! This sultry siren is a delight to the senses. Words can't begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to this concert. Opening seating starts at 5:30!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

More 'bits' from last night

Just another morsel from the after-party at the pub last night. The very sexy fashionistas Tae and Blackliquid Nansen Tokyoska looked incredibly chic for the show! I love the boots Black is wearing, Madame threatened to break in to steal them out of the closet! Watch your wardrobe Black!

Time to be naughty!

Hello lovelies! It was a fabulous night at the Arbor Theater here in Alura Hills! The Stars of the Empire Burlesque entertained us all with Phantom of the Opera. They were magnificent, tantalizing the audience with their talents and risque behaviors. Kudos to them! Such dancing and sensual pleasures to be enjoyed! I didn't know 'bits' could move like that. Very impressive!
As thrilling as the show was, even more entertaining to watch.. the interplay and action in the crowd. Such interesting pairings and seating arrangements, and I believe the phrase 'audience participation' took on a whole new meaning..
A few high notes..The lovely Miss Adora, one of the sexy Lure girls, seemed to have caught the eye of Deangelo Urqhart and his beautiful wife Sudevi.. Did you catch any of the show Sir Dean, and did those shoes get returned? Sir Bastion and Miss V were matching wits and parrying words throughout the entire performance, even to the point of setting a bet. The tension between these two is so thick, you could watch it tap dance across the room. I'm not certain who won the bet, but I'm certain the pay out will be quite interesting, given Miss V's occupation.

The who's who of previous blogs were mostly in attendance, plus many new faces. Vixie Rayna and Matteo Bettencourt had front row seats, relishing the view, as was Takeshi Kiama, his love Miaa, surprisingly absent. Lord Winter sauntered in last minute and was lurking in the back. So much for the proposed seating arrangements, hehe. The most intriguing seated pair was Madame Sah and her mystery date. They were certainly quite intimate during and after the show. Very kissy-kissy and playful. When last I heard, she was offering him the 'tour' as they departed the pub. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen.. I'm sure Sir Bastion will have something to say about that public display.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tidbits! Burlesque, Gina

Just a reminder, the cabaret at the Alura Hills Arbor Theater opens tonight with Phantom of the Opera, presented by the Stars of the Empire Burlesque! There might be a few seats available, check with Dap Torrance for seating availability.
Also here on Sunday, that sultry-voiced siren Gina Stella will performing in Alura Hills at 6pm slt. Talk to Dap for seating availability for this as well.

The graffiti on the side of the theater, left on opening day, still remains a mystery. Perhaps we need a sheriff after all. No one's confessed responsibility, but Madame Sah if you send her a notecard with something to say, who know what may end up on the wall?

Most of the shops in town have been filled at this point, but there's a few prime storefronts available... We need a good leather store, according to that raven-haired maven in Manor, Miss V. She was overheard lamenting the fact at the cafe...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coming event in Alura Hills!!!

Breaking News! The Alura Hills Arbor Theater!

Phantom of the Opera presented by The Stars of the Empire Burlesque!

This Friday Jan 13th at 7pm slt
Limited seating! Filling up fast!
To reserve a table to send NC to Dap Torrance or Rayne Coeyman with RSVP plus how many guests

I can't wait, should be amazing!! I'll be there! Will you?

Photo shoot!

Hello lovelies!!
The Eldergoth Macabre & Dead Dolls have combined efforts for the January Horror Haute Event! There are some amazing things going on this month, with staggering deals to be snapped up! This shoot took place right here in Alura Hills! The event runs from Jan 25th through the 31st. For more details, see the full blog by Blair Leifstrom!

Monday, January 9, 2012

What a Day!

Hello lovelies! I realize it's been almost a week! Well needless to say, that week has been very busy, filled with all sorts of intrigue and in-depth conversation.
So yesterday, our little town here opened back up to the public and people were allowed into the Manor. Through much negotiation and promises that 'opening day' would be mostly off the record, I was allowed in for the tour. Beautiful place, that Manor... and such interesting people employed. Such as the tall, woman dressed head-to-toe in leather, or the very dainty damsel very much involved with the stables. The RPers coming to visit are in heaven!
I can't go in to much more detail than this, due to my promise of discretion, but fun was to be had by all. The guests made their own fun as well. Hardly a discordant note heard. And there's excitement on the horizon.. entertainment! To make everyone aware, the Manor will only be publicly open through the 15th. After that, it will only available to members. To help assist, there's a hunt going on, keys are hidden all over the town and Manor. If you're still in need of certain keys, you might get lucky as you explore, find those missing ones. Those hidden keys also include gifts contained inside!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


After scrambling the last 2 days, I managed to get my hands on the last key! It's very humorous that the people who originally had the keys, neglected to mention to the people that received them, that I wasn't to be given keys, under any circumstances! I followed the instructions given within and contacted the gatekeeper.

It would seem there is now a waiting list. The gatekeeper, Madame's right hand man, was less than pleased to see me, when he realized who i was...he got a stern evil frown and said, "hell will be frozen over before you gain access to our Manor".

At least it's winter?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing in the New Year with a Bang

Oh my... It would seem the action continued well into the New Year, as the occupants inside filtered in to the depths of the Manor dungeon to indulge in some kinked revelry orgy-style. Almost everyone from dinner last weekend was here, plus a few of the new arrivals.

The distribution of the keys has quickened, because the latest additions to the debauchery seem to have been summoned to add new flavors to the mix. Perhaps the same dozen people gets old after a week.... Rusch Raymaker offered Jesika Contepomi up as a sacrifice in exchange for the hot-pink haired designer, Monica Outlander. Under the watchful eye of the lovely, yet elusive, Madame of the Manor, this orgy went into the wee hours of the morning, every whim, fantasy and itch scratched.

The town's being flooded, and I hear that there's a bit of a wait for reservations to get in. The Manor is booked solid.. Time shall tell. Nothing like a bit of scandal to make things interesting.