Monday, January 16, 2012


Gina Stella was absolutely exquisite last night! Her amazing voice lit up the Arbor Theater like a live flame! Her set was an absolute delight and everyone seems to have had a wonderful time! I can't wait til she comes back to Alura Hills! A few side notes for the masses...
That young man who accompanied Madame Sah to the burlesque show Friday night? He was back, and they were more publicly affectionate than I had seen to date! Under the watchful eye of Sir Bastion, they cooed and purred at one another in a nauseating display and then made plans to proceed elsewhere after the show. Curiously, Sir Bastion had little to say. Miss Adora, that bombshell, is giving out lessons! For what, is yet to be ascertained, but she appears to have a fan base and a line out the door for her attentions! Another of the Lure girls, Jessica, put in an appearance as well. This one is an unknown quantity as yet, but she was captured entertaining in the cigar lounge a few weeks ago. As she left the theater, I overheard Madame admonish her about staying away from the town boys. Looks that one brings her fair share of attention as well... stay tuned.. I'm still waiting for Sir Bastion to address Madame's public indiscretions.

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