Saturday, January 21, 2012

Elections! and other items of interest!

Hello lovelies! As you all probably have noticed, town elections are rapidly approaching! We're still in need of a Mayor, a sheriff and a District Attorney! Nominations will be open til the end of next week! No candidates have stepped up for the position of Mayor nor sheriff as yet.

The town elders have been time-sharing the mayoral duties since the last one left three months ago under, what shall we say, mysterious circumstances. He just left a resignation letter in someone's in-box. We'd all assumed he had ran off with someone's rich wife, as the notorious womanizer he was reputed to be. However, when the sheriff vanished without a trace two weeks later, suspicion has blanketed the City Hall. One has to wonder what they were into, as the investigation is now at a dead end.
Meanwhile, our replacement sheriff, who has been a non-entity til now, didn't show up for work the day before yesterday. Search of his home, show signs of a hasty departure.... or foul play.

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