Sunday, January 29, 2012

wow what a night!

Hello lovelies! Forgive me for the lapse! I overdid it at the party Friday night and thus spend yesterday recovering a bit.
The Friday Night Street party was amazing! The lovely DJ Lynx laid out a magnificent set of tunes in our own Alura Hills Ballroom!
Some very interesting conversation was overheard between certain dancers... If that's what was said in local, I'll bet what was being said in IM had to be unbelievably hot! I know my IM got a bit warm from time to time!
Everyone was exquisitely dressed, and our normally demon-skinned DJ sported a creamy human skin, under a smashing dress! I about fainted when I saw her!
I epically failed... no pics, my bad... i was having such a good time.. I forgot.. go ahead and spank me.. no really go ahead!
Next week's Friday Night Street Party will be a 'CLUE' Party from the movie Clue. Dress as your favorite character from the movie or just a period piece! And I hear tell that Mardi Gras weekend there's going to be a Masquerade Ball!

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