Monday, January 23, 2012

Potential District Attorney!

Hello lovelies! Meet a candidate for the open District Attorney position here in Alura Hills. This is Rowen Devlin, from all reports, a talented lawyer and budding politician. His handsome face has been plastered everywhere.

I did a bit of checking into Mr. Devlin's credentials the last few days. Star athlete in high school, honor student throughout his scholastic career, and groomed from an early age to follow the family tradition of law. A smooth talker with a rapier wit, waltzed him through law school, where trouble seems to know where he was located at all times.

Upon graduation, he joined a Los Angeles firm, where an ensuing love affair, rumored of course, with a married female partner, got him discharged and blackballed in L.A. Daddy was none to please by this turn of events, and cut him off.

Now he's here in Alura Hills, oft seen in the company of Madam Sah, lady of Lure Manor. It would appear his penchant for a powerful woman is unabated. We'll see if this romance continues after the honeymoon phase. Will he be so wound around her little finger, that he may not be an effective official? Turning a blind eye to the underbelly of Alura Hills, might be safer for his health as well.

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