Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Normally I avoid going out on Black Friday like the plague (coincidence of the name? I think not!), contenting myself with a good book, a bottle of wine, a blanket and some movies the day after Thanksgiving, but that freak snow storm on Tuesday trapped me up on my hill for almost 3 days. I was feeling a bit pent up this morning, that decrepit snow plow had finally cleared my road. So I decided to bundle up and walk into town to people watch. Boy, did it pay off!
There had been many holiday arrivals the last several days, and the streets were packed with the self-important nouveau looking for that one of a kind bauble that can only be found here. The plethora of artists, sculptors, and creative types here all have a following, and their wares are priced accordingly. The metallurgist attached to the high-end shop, has a back-log of up to a year for those special orders. Well, having stopped in there, i found out that one patron paid double to have their special order moved to the front of the line.
Breaking news!!! One of our more famous visiting couples was spotted in the baby boutique, pricing out and buying everything in sight! The wife was dressed in a manner that made me think she's hiding a baby bump! This is the same couple that's been maintaining for ages that weren't going to add to world over-population. This self-righteous, eco-crazy pair has been very vocal about the world's ills, not wanting to be caught bringing a baby into this evil world! Stay tuned, I'll be watching that bump!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving notes

Hello lovelies! It's beginning to look a lot like the holidays here in town. The paparazzi have begun to trickle in, filling the hotel, waiting with bated breath for the annual influx of celebrities! The retailers are at it already, much to my eternal disgust! Some had put up their nauseating 'buy now for Christmas' signs before I returned. Ugh.
The town elders have outdone themselves this year.. the decorations are more tasteful than the last few years, they must have fired the talentless hack that defiled the town square with the technicolor neon last year. That designer needed to be run out of town on a rail. I couldn't help but get a few well-placed digs in at her during the last party i saw her at.
The few well-to-do residents that live here year round have had the help scurrying about town, securing the delicacies for the Thanksgiving dinners about to happen on Thursday. Turkey's not good enough for these people..My source at the specialty market is telling me, that Kobe beef and alpaca are going to be the main courses gracing the tables here, and that alpaca is the trendy choice this year, being followed closely by wild boar.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween update!

Hello lovelies! It took more time than expected to find places for the souvenirs I brought home. As you all know, Halloween is one of the major holidays for me and it was more interesting than normal this year. I jumped from party to party and ended up with a seance with three very famous couples and a host of the semi-famous. The rumors that some of them are fascinated with parlor tricks and the occult apparently wasn't exaggerated.

I can't imagine going to all that trouble to contact dead relatives just to find out what tie you should wear. However, wondering where the family chocolate chip cookie recipe was left, might have been worthwhile. The medium was a phony of course. The apparition was pure particles and the bangs and moans were a recording. Sighs, really?? With all talented artists and builders in sl? That's the best you can do? I was not impressed, and anyone who bought it deserved to be fooled.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Back!!

Hello my lovelies, I'm back! Did you miss me? I needed that extended vacation badly! Now I'm back and ready to work, bringing you the dish on the lifestyles of the rich and naughty!
While I was gone, I saw the world, and did a lot of people watching. Traveling incognito provided all sorts of opportunity to catch the guilty unawares!
There will be more details to follow! For now, I'm going to unpack and draw a hot bubble bath and immerse myself to my chin in bubbles! I'm a bit jet-lagged, but will be writing with my poisoned processor soon!