Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

Now this is more like what I had in mind! The very sexy Lord Winter must have been scrambling to collect the keys, to get his long-time crush Raven Pennyfeather into the Manor in time for New Year's Eve! This lovely, savvy businesswoman is rarely seen outside of her design studio and is as mysterious as the Manor she's visiting. Apparently she shares more of Lord Winter's kinks than we knew, and is that a collar around his neck? Lucky woman!

Looks like appetizers in the dungeon, with the Manor Domme serving Maddox Dupont up a taste of submission. Where is Kirk??? Funny, I always thought Maddox was a 'top'. The kinks just keep on coming, and getting more trippy by the minute.

They Descend!

Well, well, The Bettencourts have graced the town with their presence for the first time since they arrived. They came down the hill to catch a matinee at the theater, and to all outward appearances, everything is as always... Though I have to wonder if chaffing and irritation have set in and they just needed a break from all the action at the Manor? I'm actually amazed they aren't walking strangely.

Here a new key emerges .. just there on the table .. that spells something .. is this a 5th key, again things get hazy with these crazy keys!

Watching as well, is Angelik Lavecchia and one of the lovely girls from the Manor. I think they struck up something at Christmas dinner. This is his first visit back and in less than a week? She's been about town enough, that I can almost put a name with the pretty face. Not certain what her purpose at the Manor is, but I'm sure it's a good one.

Friday, December 30, 2011


Success!! I finally found out what's up with those keys! My source finally got released the full story. There are four different keys!! You need one of each to gain clearly 'who you know' plays a part into this puzzle.

There have been more new arrivals in town, even as the holiday crowd has filtered out. The hotel is still at almost capacity as the elite are scrambling for these keys. The first I've seen drive up the hill, gaining full entry into the Manor, was none other then celeb couple Miaa Rebane, former Miss Virtual World, and her lover Takeshi Kiama. Apparently they're in the know enough to get past the gatekeeper, and were given a true Manor greeting by Matteo Bettencourt.

It's no wonder Matteo and Vixie have stayed for longer than I thought. My guess is that the Manor has become their erotic playground, where every desire and fantasy is catered to, in a way even their wildest kinks can be itched.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New kinks?... or Old??

Hello lovelies! It would appear there's a bit of sharing the wealth going on! Apparently Vixie and Devine have settled their differences as Devine's fiance, Salvo Waydelich buries his 'hatchet'. This long-standing feud has lots of history and rumor behind it. Maybe a pre-wedding gift? The gift that keeps on giving as it were.

That girl in the background looks familiar, I'm almost certain I've seen her elsewhere, but not just here in town. She was seen passing several of those mystery keys at a variety of social events. Her name is right on the tip of my tongue, and I can't place her now, but I will, rest assured. Her name may be there for me, but I'm sure the other parts of her are on other tongues.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Questions for the day

Hello Lovelies! Well for those of you that have been following along the last few days, there's been more than my fair share of scandal and intrigue, than any columnist should pray for! The plurks, tweets and flickrs have gone completely berserk in the trashing of Miss Misha. Fortunately for me, I have a very thick skin, and all this proves is that inquiring minds DO want to know. Guess what gang??? I'm here to stay, and not going anywhere, so hang on for the ride.

The questions for today center around those mystery keys floating around town. I've managed to capture a copy of one, and this one differs from others I've seen in photos. So there would appear to be more than one version? How many are there? The keys are passed from person to person, where did they originate? Who do you have to know to legitimately get one? They've been spotted in a few high-end places being suspiciously passed. But what is their purpose???

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sometimes there's more than a cigar

Hello lovelies! I couldn't wait to share this delicious photo with you.

Looks like Matteo Bettencourt and Dakota Neumann have put their differences behind them, as they share a moment involving drinks, cigars and some rather lovely ladies. This luxurious lounge up at the Manor seems to cater quite well to the tastes of its male guests. According to my source, Vixie was nowhere to be found in the immediate vicinity of the lounge, but was still on the grounds somewhere.

Oh look... in the garter of that sexy cigar girl,.. another key!! Same design, but with a different letter... Some more of those keys have been seen about town and in other parts of SL, mostly in possession of these mysterious beauties from the Manor. There appears to be more than one design of key, and they are starting to be suspiciously passed about. Apparently, one must know someone to get their hands on said key. Is this how so many celebrities managed to gain access? How many keys are there in total? Hmmm things are becoming hazier, but i should have some answers soon!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hmmm, That question has been answered

Wonders never cease! Some jumping and juggling of the partner boxes yesterday. Apparently, Prad and Strawberry announced their partnership at the dinner last night during the dessert course. Which poses more questions than answers in light of this evening's blog.

Well I never thought I'd see the day where this notoriously territorial vampire willingly share a woman. Check out this juicy photo! This hot threesome looks to be indulging in some serious kink.

Winter's kinks are well-whispered through the tabloids, but this is the first time it's been visually confirmed. Unfortunately for my viewing, Winter's hand is blocking the goods. This sexy vampire is enough to make any woman drool. Strawberry must be in heaven, getting the best of both worlds! I may be partial to Lord Winter, but Prad is a hottie on his own. Headstrong as well, these two men must have something in the works, in order to willingly share the sensual Strawberry.

I will be very interested to see if everyone escapes this with their skin intact. Winter is quick to rouse and strawberries of this nature are known to be finger drippingly sweet.

Well, well, well...

Hello lovelies! Happy Boxing Day! And well, by the judge of things, something may come to blows.... Faring well with the excess of the white, wet outside? Some have started venturing out this morning as soon as the shops started to shovel out. Apparently over the last day or so, Miss Vixie has been quite busy on flickr, quite irritated with yours truly, for the amount of quality information I've managed to pick up since the 'happy' couple arrived in town. I'm fairly certain she'd like to disembowel me with a shrimp fork at this point.

Well i touched a nerve with someone, because in the cafe this morning, an half-drunk latte, some key, and an Ipad were left on the table... with the chair knocked over backwards. Believe it or not, the Ipad had my blog pulled up, in full color... hehehe.

Most interestingly, there is another one of those keys on the table next to the Ipad.. This is the second of its type to show up in the last week, and I'm now starting to think that it's intertwined with the intrigue unfolding before us. It has a letter set into it, I wonder what the significance is? I just so happen to have put my hands on one of these keys and it doesn't say "DO NOT DUPLICATE", like the ones from the post office... interested parties might be panicking about now, we shall see. I'm running off to find a locksmith.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

Hello lovelies! First of all I'd like to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season! May you all get what you wish for in the New Year! Just be careful what you wish for....

Well the mystery dinner party has taken place, and the who's who of the Bettencourts' court are there. In attendance are Matteo and Vixie, obviously, as the hosts. Strangely enough, the exes are there too. Trying to bury the hatchet perhaps? Vixie's ex-husband Dakota Neumann is there, along with his ex-lover Devine Hunt and her new husband Salvo Waydelich in tow. To judge the glances exchanged over the wine, daggers are being shot in a variety of directions. Dakota looks well displeased with Matteo, and Devine glares at Vixie with a look of contempt that could kill..

Also present are Angelik Lavecchia, Maddox Dupont, Madame Sah, and some others of varying notoriety. Not much is known of Madame Sah, the putative owner of record, or the other handsome gentlemen present. But.. the curious thing is the bevy of unknown beauties present at this illustrious dinner. Some of these ladies have been seen wandering the town in recent weeks, with not much to tell.

On the new love side of things, this is the first time new lovers Strawberry Singh and Prad Prathivi have been seen openly together, even though Prad is oddly partnered to Winter Jefferson, who is also in attendance! Is this a lover's triangle, is Winter unaware, or is there more too this than meets the eye?

It looks we're all going to be trapped indoors longer than we thought. That blizzard that blew through in the early hours this morning, looks like it's here to stay for a few days at least. Traffic is non-existent and that decrepit snow plow broke down. Those in the outlying areas should cuddle up with hot toddies til further notice. Well at least we got our White Christmas!

White Christmas

Lord!! I woke up to over a foot of snow this morning!! O.o.. Apparently Mother Nature decided we were to have a White Christmas! I have no idea how many days it'll be this time, but the forecast says there more coming through over the next few days! Time to get out the snow mobile, I think!
Darn it, my camera is on the fritz again, hopefully Santa put a new one in my stocking.. otherwise I'd have pics of the stillness for you all.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Through the looking glass

After the little altercation in town earlier today, the Bettencourts managed to get the paparazzi to give them some space, and wandered the shops in town. Several hours spent, then a late lunch, they climbed into their SUV and drove off. Only to be seen heading up the long drive to the Manor. Apparently, these two have reserved the Manor for the weekend and have invited friends for the rumored gala party to be taking place on Christmas day.

The couple emerged from the Manor early evening, elegantly dressed and coiffed, appearing at the theatre for the Christmas showcase. This lily-white couple barely spoke to anyone, much less one another, either before or after the production. They left quickly, heading straight back to the Manor.

Some brave and stealthy photographer, managed to get onto the Manor grounds and snap the pic. Our uptight couple may not be so lily-white after all, judging from the variety of position photos I had to choose from.

One of the IT couples of SL, The Bettencourts, Matteo and his lovely wife Vixie Rayna, have arrived in town! Spotted at our lovely cafe, the two were caught in the midst of an in-depth serious conversation in hushed tones over their trendy lattes. The tension between the two was almost palpable.

The arrival of paparazzi on the scene set Miss Vixie into a tizzy. Moments after this photo was snapped, the photographer in question was covered in non-fat latte after Vixie tossed it at him.

Notice the absence of Vixie's wedding ring in the picture?? This will set tongues wagging to be sure. That wedding ring made big news when Matteo purchased it. No L amount was ever confirmed, but it's rumored to rival the crown jewels for cost.

This upright, uptight fashionista couple have managed thus far to avoid tabloid notoriety during the course of their tumultuous marriage, by pure luck more than anything. Doubts that it's them? Check Vixie's blog from this morning... same clothes..

The Dramatics continue!

Our lead actor was shipped off to rehab this morning! Along with a press release, citing over the usual over-work and exhaustion! Really? I saw that dress rehearsal the other night! You could almost smell the booze pouring off of him! The understudy is actually quite talented, maybe this will be his time to shine!
I was bundled up, sitting at the cafe, indulging in some people watching, when i was approached by someone unknown to me. Over coffee, this person divulged some very tasty information. I finally have some background on some interesting happenings around town. I'm not going to say more here, but the key that my girl friend found the other day? It's has much more significance than was previously thought.
There's going to be lots happening over the next few days. I overheard the chattering of some of those girls, that there's going to be a huge do up at the Manor over the weekend. Let's hope i can find more out later!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Apparently our lead actor for our little theatre group has let his drinking problem get ahead of him again. I attended the rehearsal for the Christmas showcase, running through New Year's, last night, and was treated to a show all right! He was barely functional, missing cues, and his once beautiful singing voice sounded like a toad on acid! I don't know what's being done about this, or if the understudy is ready, but this has to be taken care of before all the celebrities attend this showcase on Christmas Eve. Our productions are one of the reasons people come here!
More arrivals in town over the last three days... The houses of the rich are lit up for the holidays like they're trying to get Santa to see them from space! The little shops and boutiques in town are continually packed with the rich and famous, doing some last minute shopping.
I'm still ferreting around for a source inside Manor! At this point, price is almost no object. The Manor is also lit up like a Christmas tree, and the landscapers have been busy stringing lights on the grounds. I must say the owner is a subscriber to the 'less is more' theory, very tastefully done. Now cars have descended to let out some very pretty girls to do some shopping. Very pretty.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Interesting things!

Hello Lovelies! I love living in this town! The amount of information one can develop over a pint at the pub can be staggering at times...

The baby bump couple apparently have come to armed camp status! Still not entirely certain what the initial blow-up was about, but they're not even sleeping in the same room currently and the rumors from the servant's quarters is that the word 'mistress' has been overheard more than once.
The baby hasn't been confirmed, but the whole corner suite certainly is of baby accessories! It will be interesting to see if they both end up staying the entire trip!

A friend of mine found something very interesting last night. Laying on the sidewalk, a very nice wrought-iron filigree key with some fancy engraving. She turned it in to the front desk at the police station. If you lost the key, that's where it is

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Inquiring minds

It's amazing some men don't come down with unmentionable social diseases! The eye candy left town this morning in a chauffeured town car. At least she was booted in style, with probably a healthy parting gift or two, if history is anything to judge. Here's the kicker! No sooner had the car left the town limits, than another stunner pulled in and off-loaded at the mansion! This one had so much luggage, it took three servants to bring it all in. Apparently our playboy likes 'em high-maintenance.

The hotel is completely booked up, and the top three floors have been let out as suites, with one couple per floor. Those spendy homes on the bluffs? Cleaning crews have been working round the clock to make ready for some very important people from what I've managed to discern.

Things are coming to a head up at the manor! Several couples and singles have been spotted, wearing their finest, heading up the long drive, through the daunting security. Some have only emerged in the wee hours of a morning! Dinner party? There are an awful lot of people in that house, for them all to be staff! Hmmm..

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The quiet hush

More arrivals in town, it's starting to look like a who's who of SL. A person can scarcely move about town without running into the paparazzi. I was actually coming around the corner from the theater this morning, and got flashes of the cameras in my face before they or I realized! Then the, "oh, you're no one important." If they only knew... chuckles softly.
Nothing noteworthy happening at the moment, but something feels different this year. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something is there, elusive and just out of reach. Time will tell if my instincts are correct.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

With an arched brow

Hmmm, the arm candy that arrived a week ago? She was seen at the pub, drowning her sorrows in, can you believe the cliché, white wine spritzers. She was all teary-eyed, commiserating with that hunky bartender.. rumor has it, that she's already reached her expiration date.
Also seen in the jewelery store, very early, was the husband involved in the screaming match the other day.... dropping a sizable, read upwards of 50k, on a peace offering. We'll see if marital bliss returns.
The activity at the manor continues, still no information past what I've already discerned. The deliveries continue, from some very high-end shops all over SL. Nothing but the best of the best for the manor, apparently. More arrivals in the way of taxis and cars, and only the taxis leaving.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I love an impending scandal!

More arrivals, and scandals ensuing....
That couple with the baby bump were seen, on main street, in the middle of the day, having a very vocal screaming match! Hormones.. perhaps...
That international playboy extraordinaire arrived in town yesterday, ensconced himself in that mansion on the bluff with the flavor-of-the-week arm candy.. We all know you have to keep a scorecard to track the bevy of beauties that float across the radar.
How very interesting.. That huge manor on the hill? Complete with grounds, walls and gates? The owner of record, invisible and elusive...? There's been activity.. furniture vans, moving trucks and deliveries all hours of the day and night.. There's security guards ringing the grounds and any spectators are STRONGLY discouraged not to hang about.. I'm trying to find an in, but any staff seen outside of the manor, are very tight-lipped. Stay tuned for any developments.