Monday, December 26, 2011

Well, well, well...

Hello lovelies! Happy Boxing Day! And well, by the judge of things, something may come to blows.... Faring well with the excess of the white, wet outside? Some have started venturing out this morning as soon as the shops started to shovel out. Apparently over the last day or so, Miss Vixie has been quite busy on flickr, quite irritated with yours truly, for the amount of quality information I've managed to pick up since the 'happy' couple arrived in town. I'm fairly certain she'd like to disembowel me with a shrimp fork at this point.

Well i touched a nerve with someone, because in the cafe this morning, an half-drunk latte, some key, and an Ipad were left on the table... with the chair knocked over backwards. Believe it or not, the Ipad had my blog pulled up, in full color... hehehe.

Most interestingly, there is another one of those keys on the table next to the Ipad.. This is the second of its type to show up in the last week, and I'm now starting to think that it's intertwined with the intrigue unfolding before us. It has a letter set into it, I wonder what the significance is? I just so happen to have put my hands on one of these keys and it doesn't say "DO NOT DUPLICATE", like the ones from the post office... interested parties might be panicking about now, we shall see. I'm running off to find a locksmith.

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