Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

Hello lovelies! First of all I'd like to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season! May you all get what you wish for in the New Year! Just be careful what you wish for....

Well the mystery dinner party has taken place, and the who's who of the Bettencourts' court are there. In attendance are Matteo and Vixie, obviously, as the hosts. Strangely enough, the exes are there too. Trying to bury the hatchet perhaps? Vixie's ex-husband Dakota Neumann is there, along with his ex-lover Devine Hunt and her new husband Salvo Waydelich in tow. To judge the glances exchanged over the wine, daggers are being shot in a variety of directions. Dakota looks well displeased with Matteo, and Devine glares at Vixie with a look of contempt that could kill..

Also present are Angelik Lavecchia, Maddox Dupont, Madame Sah, and some others of varying notoriety. Not much is known of Madame Sah, the putative owner of record, or the other handsome gentlemen present. But.. the curious thing is the bevy of unknown beauties present at this illustrious dinner. Some of these ladies have been seen wandering the town in recent weeks, with not much to tell.

On the new love side of things, this is the first time new lovers Strawberry Singh and Prad Prathivi have been seen openly together, even though Prad is oddly partnered to Winter Jefferson, who is also in attendance! Is this a lover's triangle, is Winter unaware, or is there more too this than meets the eye?

It looks we're all going to be trapped indoors longer than we thought. That blizzard that blew through in the early hours this morning, looks like it's here to stay for a few days at least. Traffic is non-existent and that decrepit snow plow broke down. Those in the outlying areas should cuddle up with hot toddies til further notice. Well at least we got our White Christmas!

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