Sunday, December 18, 2011

Interesting things!

Hello Lovelies! I love living in this town! The amount of information one can develop over a pint at the pub can be staggering at times...

The baby bump couple apparently have come to armed camp status! Still not entirely certain what the initial blow-up was about, but they're not even sleeping in the same room currently and the rumors from the servant's quarters is that the word 'mistress' has been overheard more than once.
The baby hasn't been confirmed, but the whole corner suite certainly is of baby accessories! It will be interesting to see if they both end up staying the entire trip!

A friend of mine found something very interesting last night. Laying on the sidewalk, a very nice wrought-iron filigree key with some fancy engraving. She turned it in to the front desk at the police station. If you lost the key, that's where it is

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