Saturday, December 24, 2011

Through the looking glass

After the little altercation in town earlier today, the Bettencourts managed to get the paparazzi to give them some space, and wandered the shops in town. Several hours spent, then a late lunch, they climbed into their SUV and drove off. Only to be seen heading up the long drive to the Manor. Apparently, these two have reserved the Manor for the weekend and have invited friends for the rumored gala party to be taking place on Christmas day.

The couple emerged from the Manor early evening, elegantly dressed and coiffed, appearing at the theatre for the Christmas showcase. This lily-white couple barely spoke to anyone, much less one another, either before or after the production. They left quickly, heading straight back to the Manor.

Some brave and stealthy photographer, managed to get onto the Manor grounds and snap the pic. Our uptight couple may not be so lily-white after all, judging from the variety of position photos I had to choose from.

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