Friday, December 30, 2011


Success!! I finally found out what's up with those keys! My source finally got released the full story. There are four different keys!! You need one of each to gain clearly 'who you know' plays a part into this puzzle.

There have been more new arrivals in town, even as the holiday crowd has filtered out. The hotel is still at almost capacity as the elite are scrambling for these keys. The first I've seen drive up the hill, gaining full entry into the Manor, was none other then celeb couple Miaa Rebane, former Miss Virtual World, and her lover Takeshi Kiama. Apparently they're in the know enough to get past the gatekeeper, and were given a true Manor greeting by Matteo Bettencourt.

It's no wonder Matteo and Vixie have stayed for longer than I thought. My guess is that the Manor has become their erotic playground, where every desire and fantasy is catered to, in a way even their wildest kinks can be itched.

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