Wednesday, December 7, 2011

With an arched brow

Hmmm, the arm candy that arrived a week ago? She was seen at the pub, drowning her sorrows in, can you believe the cliché, white wine spritzers. She was all teary-eyed, commiserating with that hunky bartender.. rumor has it, that she's already reached her expiration date.
Also seen in the jewelery store, very early, was the husband involved in the screaming match the other day.... dropping a sizable, read upwards of 50k, on a peace offering. We'll see if marital bliss returns.
The activity at the manor continues, still no information past what I've already discerned. The deliveries continue, from some very high-end shops all over SL. Nothing but the best of the best for the manor, apparently. More arrivals in the way of taxis and cars, and only the taxis leaving.

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