Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Questions for the day

Hello Lovelies! Well for those of you that have been following along the last few days, there's been more than my fair share of scandal and intrigue, than any columnist should pray for! The plurks, tweets and flickrs have gone completely berserk in the trashing of Miss Misha. Fortunately for me, I have a very thick skin, and all this proves is that inquiring minds DO want to know. Guess what gang??? I'm here to stay, and not going anywhere, so hang on for the ride.

The questions for today center around those mystery keys floating around town. I've managed to capture a copy of one, and this one differs from others I've seen in photos. So there would appear to be more than one version? How many are there? The keys are passed from person to person, where did they originate? Who do you have to know to legitimately get one? They've been spotted in a few high-end places being suspiciously passed. But what is their purpose???


  1. Hey Misha...are the people in your posts willing participants? Are you working with them to write a few funny pieces and taking pics with their full permission or are they genuinely displeased with you for what you're writing? I don't plurk or tweet anymore so haven't heard a thing about your blog until just now. Please share. My inquiring mind wants to know.

  2. as far as i'm aware, they're very displeased with me... and my sources for the material can't be divulged, i'm sorry. Willing?,... no