Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sometimes there's more than a cigar

Hello lovelies! I couldn't wait to share this delicious photo with you.

Looks like Matteo Bettencourt and Dakota Neumann have put their differences behind them, as they share a moment involving drinks, cigars and some rather lovely ladies. This luxurious lounge up at the Manor seems to cater quite well to the tastes of its male guests. According to my source, Vixie was nowhere to be found in the immediate vicinity of the lounge, but was still on the grounds somewhere.

Oh look... in the garter of that sexy cigar girl,.. another key!! Same design, but with a different letter... Some more of those keys have been seen about town and in other parts of SL, mostly in possession of these mysterious beauties from the Manor. There appears to be more than one design of key, and they are starting to be suspiciously passed about. Apparently, one must know someone to get their hands on said key. Is this how so many celebrities managed to gain access? How many keys are there in total? Hmmm things are becoming hazier, but i should have some answers soon!

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