Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Dramatics continue!

Our lead actor was shipped off to rehab this morning! Along with a press release, citing over the usual over-work and exhaustion! Really? I saw that dress rehearsal the other night! You could almost smell the booze pouring off of him! The understudy is actually quite talented, maybe this will be his time to shine!
I was bundled up, sitting at the cafe, indulging in some people watching, when i was approached by someone unknown to me. Over coffee, this person divulged some very tasty information. I finally have some background on some interesting happenings around town. I'm not going to say more here, but the key that my girl friend found the other day? It's has much more significance than was previously thought.
There's going to be lots happening over the next few days. I overheard the chattering of some of those girls, that there's going to be a huge do up at the Manor over the weekend. Let's hope i can find more out later!

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