Saturday, December 31, 2011

They Descend!

Well, well, The Bettencourts have graced the town with their presence for the first time since they arrived. They came down the hill to catch a matinee at the theater, and to all outward appearances, everything is as always... Though I have to wonder if chaffing and irritation have set in and they just needed a break from all the action at the Manor? I'm actually amazed they aren't walking strangely.

Here a new key emerges .. just there on the table .. that spells something .. is this a 5th key, again things get hazy with these crazy keys!

Watching as well, is Angelik Lavecchia and one of the lovely girls from the Manor. I think they struck up something at Christmas dinner. This is his first visit back and in less than a week? She's been about town enough, that I can almost put a name with the pretty face. Not certain what her purpose at the Manor is, but I'm sure it's a good one.

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