Thursday, December 1, 2011

I love an impending scandal!

More arrivals, and scandals ensuing....
That couple with the baby bump were seen, on main street, in the middle of the day, having a very vocal screaming match! Hormones.. perhaps...
That international playboy extraordinaire arrived in town yesterday, ensconced himself in that mansion on the bluff with the flavor-of-the-week arm candy.. We all know you have to keep a scorecard to track the bevy of beauties that float across the radar.
How very interesting.. That huge manor on the hill? Complete with grounds, walls and gates? The owner of record, invisible and elusive...? There's been activity.. furniture vans, moving trucks and deliveries all hours of the day and night.. There's security guards ringing the grounds and any spectators are STRONGLY discouraged not to hang about.. I'm trying to find an in, but any staff seen outside of the manor, are very tight-lipped. Stay tuned for any developments.

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