Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Inquiring minds

It's amazing some men don't come down with unmentionable social diseases! The eye candy left town this morning in a chauffeured town car. At least she was booted in style, with probably a healthy parting gift or two, if history is anything to judge. Here's the kicker! No sooner had the car left the town limits, than another stunner pulled in and off-loaded at the mansion! This one had so much luggage, it took three servants to bring it all in. Apparently our playboy likes 'em high-maintenance.

The hotel is completely booked up, and the top three floors have been let out as suites, with one couple per floor. Those spendy homes on the bluffs? Cleaning crews have been working round the clock to make ready for some very important people from what I've managed to discern.

Things are coming to a head up at the manor! Several couples and singles have been spotted, wearing their finest, heading up the long drive, through the daunting security. Some have only emerged in the wee hours of a morning! Dinner party? There are an awful lot of people in that house, for them all to be staff! Hmmm..

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