Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Apparently our lead actor for our little theatre group has let his drinking problem get ahead of him again. I attended the rehearsal for the Christmas showcase, running through New Year's, last night, and was treated to a show all right! He was barely functional, missing cues, and his once beautiful singing voice sounded like a toad on acid! I don't know what's being done about this, or if the understudy is ready, but this has to be taken care of before all the celebrities attend this showcase on Christmas Eve. Our productions are one of the reasons people come here!
More arrivals in town over the last three days... The houses of the rich are lit up for the holidays like they're trying to get Santa to see them from space! The little shops and boutiques in town are continually packed with the rich and famous, doing some last minute shopping.
I'm still ferreting around for a source inside Manor! At this point, price is almost no object. The Manor is also lit up like a Christmas tree, and the landscapers have been busy stringing lights on the grounds. I must say the owner is a subscriber to the 'less is more' theory, very tastefully done. Now cars have descended to let out some very pretty girls to do some shopping. Very pretty.

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