Saturday, December 24, 2011

One of the IT couples of SL, The Bettencourts, Matteo and his lovely wife Vixie Rayna, have arrived in town! Spotted at our lovely cafe, the two were caught in the midst of an in-depth serious conversation in hushed tones over their trendy lattes. The tension between the two was almost palpable.

The arrival of paparazzi on the scene set Miss Vixie into a tizzy. Moments after this photo was snapped, the photographer in question was covered in non-fat latte after Vixie tossed it at him.

Notice the absence of Vixie's wedding ring in the picture?? This will set tongues wagging to be sure. That wedding ring made big news when Matteo purchased it. No L amount was ever confirmed, but it's rumored to rival the crown jewels for cost.

This upright, uptight fashionista couple have managed thus far to avoid tabloid notoriety during the course of their tumultuous marriage, by pure luck more than anything. Doubts that it's them? Check Vixie's blog from this morning... same clothes..

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