Thursday, January 26, 2012

Under the radar!

It's amazing how two disappearances, of two very public officials, managed to slide under the radar. I managed to get my fingertips wrapped around some suggestive photos, and now delve into the depths of 'crime' rather than scandal. Recent rumors that have reached my ears, makes me wonder whether publishing this, is going to be hazardous to my continued health.
Now, our second sheriff, in as many months, has left town rather suddenly and unannounced We think he left town.... but after looking at the photos taken at the sheriff's home the morning after he didn't show for work, I'm not so certain anymore.
One of the photos is from the Mayor's home, with the lamp in the foreground, almost three months ago. The living room was the only room disturbed, not so much as a sign of struggle but rather a hasty departure. As you all know, our missing Mayor was an unrepentant womanizer, so him blowing town quickly, was not that unexpected.
The other pic is from the sheriff's home, same story, different chapter. Two weeks after the Mayor, he vanished without a trace as well. Not a word of suspicion even whispered.. The town elders just appointed another sheriff after a cursory search for a qualified candidate.
I have some interesting thoughts about the connection between the disappearances, and the activities elsewhere in town. I'm trying get my hands on some files, to see if there's any back up to my theories.. stay tuned.

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