Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time to be naughty!

Hello lovelies! It was a fabulous night at the Arbor Theater here in Alura Hills! The Stars of the Empire Burlesque entertained us all with Phantom of the Opera. They were magnificent, tantalizing the audience with their talents and risque behaviors. Kudos to them! Such dancing and sensual pleasures to be enjoyed! I didn't know 'bits' could move like that. Very impressive!
As thrilling as the show was, even more entertaining to watch.. the interplay and action in the crowd. Such interesting pairings and seating arrangements, and I believe the phrase 'audience participation' took on a whole new meaning..
A few high notes..The lovely Miss Adora, one of the sexy Lure girls, seemed to have caught the eye of Deangelo Urqhart and his beautiful wife Sudevi.. Did you catch any of the show Sir Dean, and did those shoes get returned? Sir Bastion and Miss V were matching wits and parrying words throughout the entire performance, even to the point of setting a bet. The tension between these two is so thick, you could watch it tap dance across the room. I'm not certain who won the bet, but I'm certain the pay out will be quite interesting, given Miss V's occupation.

The who's who of previous blogs were mostly in attendance, plus many new faces. Vixie Rayna and Matteo Bettencourt had front row seats, relishing the view, as was Takeshi Kiama, his love Miaa, surprisingly absent. Lord Winter sauntered in last minute and was lurking in the back. So much for the proposed seating arrangements, hehe. The most intriguing seated pair was Madame Sah and her mystery date. They were certainly quite intimate during and after the show. Very kissy-kissy and playful. When last I heard, she was offering him the 'tour' as they departed the pub. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen.. I'm sure Sir Bastion will have something to say about that public display.

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