Monday, January 9, 2012

What a Day!

Hello lovelies! I realize it's been almost a week! Well needless to say, that week has been very busy, filled with all sorts of intrigue and in-depth conversation.
So yesterday, our little town here opened back up to the public and people were allowed into the Manor. Through much negotiation and promises that 'opening day' would be mostly off the record, I was allowed in for the tour. Beautiful place, that Manor... and such interesting people employed. Such as the tall, woman dressed head-to-toe in leather, or the very dainty damsel very much involved with the stables. The RPers coming to visit are in heaven!
I can't go in to much more detail than this, due to my promise of discretion, but fun was to be had by all. The guests made their own fun as well. Hardly a discordant note heard. And there's excitement on the horizon.. entertainment! To make everyone aware, the Manor will only be publicly open through the 15th. After that, it will only available to members. To help assist, there's a hunt going on, keys are hidden all over the town and Manor. If you're still in need of certain keys, you might get lucky as you explore, find those missing ones. Those hidden keys also include gifts contained inside!

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