Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Crow, A Key and An Invite

Hello Lovelies! I went in town yesterday, and found an illuminating light over the fountain in the center of town. In the center of the light, hung in mid-air, a glowing key. A person can reach out and touch it, and right click on it as well. There are glowing keys elsewhere in town, and one hidden in my personal space.... But.. the weirdness doesn't end there...

I awoke this morning, grabbed my coffee and headed outside to the deck to enjoy the sunrise. There, on the railing, black as night, stood a crow, with an envelope in its beak, and a packet tied to its leg. Must be the training, because it stood there calmly, letting me unlace the black ribbon ensnaring the packet. Dropping the linen envelope at my feet,.. a single caw.. and took flight off into the rising day.
Opening the envelope first, find the enclosed picture invitation with the words on the back...HOSTED by Dagmar Haiku & Paola von Tauber!
When: Friday, Feb. 17th
Time: 5PM-9PM SLT
Location: LURE Manor
Dress code: Dark, gothic, fetish, and latex with a 1700s twists
Tasteful Nudity Allowed | Masks REQUIRED

To gain free access to LURE Manor for Carnival Only please send a NC or IM to Madam Sah (Impatwin Toxx) with your name and guest. You will be added to the access list and receive event key Thursday

In the packet... 5 non-copy keys.... to be continued

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