Sunday, February 19, 2012

Throwing down the gauntlet!

So Mr. District Attorney, you want to play? Let's play! Messing about with my private server and deleting or altering my pics, pissed me off if you hadn't guessed. It was done on either your orders or by you personally. Though I doubt it was done by you personally, as most politicians lack the technical knowledge to be an effective hacker. Or much knowledge that would be of any practical use other than to be smarmy. Your notice proved that you're not much more than an opportunistic drone with the same old things to say. How about those disappearances? Any insight yet?
I wonder about the seduction scene with Madam... Who was doing the seducing? Letting Madam think she was seducing you to gather you in her back pocket? Or is this a mutually beneficial relationship? One in which you get her money for campaign funding in exchange for manipulating the town council in her favor? Or turning a blind eye to her 'affairs' about town?

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