Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As I sit here at my kitchen table, with my ever-present cup of coffee, I stare at a set of no-copy keys. The invitation lays next to the keys on the rich oak tabletop. Leaning back in the chair, the steeple of my fingertips propping up my chin.... How interesting... I would think I would be the last person in town to be invited to this 'ball' on Friday, or be allowed to pass keys to others.
I'm of two minds about it... Is this Madam's way of an olive branch as a way of making the peace? Or a way to get her finely-manicured claws into my hide? While I have a certain disregard for my own safety, stepping foolishly through the dragon's maw, seems precipitous... even for me. Time shall tell. I wonder if she's heard about my little investigation into her political dabbling.

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