Monday, February 27, 2012

More tidbits!

Well let's see.. what news should I mess with first?? I apologize for my extended absence, but after last round, I needed a break to re-think some things and decide how best to handle some underhanded people. So I'll visit the week's highlights, then move on to the lowlights!

I'm very excited!! The SLuicide Girls have moved into Alura Hills!! I'm a great admirer of the blog and am thrilled that those sexy, tattooed ladies are going to be creating their own brand of mischief in our fair town!

The Alura Times Gazette has released the first issue of our newspaper. Editor-In-Chief is yours truly. For all our residents there is a paper waiting for you near your front door, grab when you have a chance! There's also going to be copies sent out via notice and available at the cafe! If anyone is interested in having a column or advertising in the newspaper, please talk to me or Madam Sah.

There's only 3 days to get your pics in for the Aleida casting competition! See past notices for notecard or stop in at one of the shops for details.

Saturday, I always like to sail on a Gondola in Isola Alura, it’s amazing the change crossing the pier will do in environment from the hustle and bustle of the Alura Hills to the serene quiet sound of ocean. If you haven't seen the new addition to this part of town, you should, it's gorgeous! More on this next blog!

Cade Nansen has moved into one of the studio lofts in town. This hunky guy is recently single and needed some decorating help. Renovations on his rooftop are in progress! Please tell me you're going to indulge in some sunbathing Cade! I want a schedule!

The real estate market has skyrocketed in the past few days, could it be due to the new changes going on in City Hall? Welcome new residents! We've seen a huge boom in housing population over the last few days! I'm going to have some fun with this. Our new DA is overturning zoning laws and trampling over city codes right, left and center.. more to follow.

Lastly, we've added another music set to the Friday Night Street Party for the the Europeans that don't want to or can't be up all night long to party with us! Please join us 10am-1pm slt for the awesome DJ Lynx! I thinks she's going to go with a crazy fantasy theme mixed with 60s rock!

On that note, I've gone on long enough for one day. I'll be back tomorrow to have at our new DA!

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