Saturday, February 18, 2012


You may be wondering what this picture is of??? Guess what?? I'm wondering as well....
I came home last night and uploaded my pics from the ball at Lure Manor, then went to bed.. Figuring i'd write the blog this morning. I woke up to this!! All my pictures had be either wiped or done over this "you do not have clearance to view this content - alura hills city hall - rowen devlin" bullshit!! WTF! This is my own private blog, and last I knew internet regulation was federal business!! NOT the business of our new District Attorney on the take!

Oh yes, boys and girls, you heard me say it! Our new District Attorney, Rowen Devlin, is in the hip pocket of Madam Sah, the Lure heiress. At the party last night, I personally heard Madam say she was 'above the law'. Then it was alluded to that it must be nice to own the DA... to which Madame replied that she was just taking an 'interest'. Rowen was voted in by the board of old town Alura...and how does old town play into any of this?? The rumors say that Madam is taking an 'interest' in the revitalization of old town.. I'm sure there's strings attached to any monies changing hands. Oh and did I mention they, Rowen and Sah, threatened to go have sex on my desk?? I retorted that if they did that, I do the same, in her bed!

All that aside, it was an amazing party! Fabulous tunes by DJ Lynx, and hosted by Dagmar and Paola. Beautiful dancers from the Moulin Rouge hung from the rafters and other place, and there was a far bit of bare skin shown, including mine. (btw, Dean James, nice ass, and other bits) Turnout was extraordinary, as other rooms in the Manor were opened as 'playrooms'. People drifted in and out of the main room to go 'explore'. I was otherwise occupied by my fabulously handsome dance partners.

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