Sunday, February 12, 2012

Strange Lights

Mysterious beams of light came last night over the Manor shooting what looked to be human figures under the ground. following another beam that came over Alura and now hovers a weird glowing key with an eery chant. When touched, it speaks to you with a warning or guidance. The occurrence has made night fall over the town with no reason why.
I suddenly feel like I'm in an episode of the 'Twilight Zone.' Methinks Madam's communing or playing with or making deals with things she has no business messing about with. Coincidence this is the run-up to Carnivale? Probably not, and I'll place good odds that it also has something to do with the murder of crows on the wing about town as well.
I'm going into town later to see what i can find out, and try to track where these lights are landing and play detective... Something's afoot, yet again!

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