Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Carnivale, Crime, and other tidbits

Hello Lovelies! I know it's been a few days, but I'm fighting a nasty cold at the moment, so the brain cells are moving slower than normal. So what's been happening in Alura Hills??? Let's see...

Our District Attorney elect Rowen Devlin, has promised all the usual politician things to get his foot into City Hall. We'll see if he actually keeps his word. His personal involvement with a certain party is disconcerting to say the least.
The lack of a mayor and sheriff is still troubling, and noises are being made about head-hunting candidates from outside of Alura Hills. I would recommend that the disappearances of previous office holders be left out of the sales pitch.
The Friday Night Street Parties with DJ Lynx have been an absolute blast! We're going to continue doing these as long as the people continue to come! It's been very interesting to people watch. Some of the interactions set the mind ablaze with curiosity! Last week's theme was Clue Party/vintage with Lynx spinning some amazing tunes! This week's theme is Roaring 20s~ Gangsters and Molls. The party will take place 6-9pm slt probably in the streets in front of the ballroom. IM me for details.
The Full Package Male Dance Revue visited our little town last Thursday. One word.... HAWT!!
They'll be back next month.
Carnivale is descending upon us quickly, and there's a rumor going around about a masquerade ball taking place up at Lure Manor! That would fit with the flurry of activity taking place up the hill. Performance artists have hit town, and the most curious arrival... a bird trainer with a murder of crows (how appropriate). I wonder what that's about...

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