Friday, March 2, 2012

Drumroll please! Isola Alura opens

Hello Lovelies! So all those changes being made in the Alura Hills zoning laws? The real estate has skyrocketed in the past few days, could it be due to the new changes going on in City Hall? Discussion about expanding our little town even further; business property zones are filling the mouths of politicians, allowing outside corporations to set HQs here and City Hall moving its location to Old Town Alura for complete redevelopment. This is the most action we have gotten from City Hall in since the sudden 'departures'!
Our 'wonderful' new DA, Rowen Devlin has been quite busy his few few weeks in office. Not prosecuting crime or anything so pedestrian, oh no. Rowen has been dabbling in the real estate market, house hunting in the newly revitalized section of Old Town, Isola Alura. I wandered through the other day. I must admit, Madam Sah's money has been well spent. It's beautiful, and the new waterfront, with the pedestal houses over the water, is quite stunning. It's amazing how quickly the house are being sold to the who's who.
Pictured is our happy couple Rowen and Sah, on the hunt for suitable bachelor digs. Isn't it cute how they dressed alike for the outing?? ... Gag.. It may actually be love, and not a matching of convenience, after all.
So Rowen, any progress on the investigation about the disappearances?

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