Sunday, March 18, 2012

The week in review! Mermaids, Moulin Rouge and The Full Package!

Hello my lovelies! It's been a very exciting week here in Alura Hills! So where to start?
The Friday night street parties have been going very well. Last week, we partied down at the bay as Mers, and this week, the heavens opened for Gods and Goddesses. Surprisingly enough, Edward and Bill Manor showed up at the evening event for the Mermaids, and someone snuck out to see the the aquatic beauties as well.
The Full Package Male Dance Revue descended on the town Thursday in the visage of very sexy vampires! Their sizzling hot emotes and story-telling style lit the venue on fire! The set build was an absolutely stunning mausoleum and crypt unveiled themselves to let the men out of their coffins.
The Moulin Rouge performed Friday night! Their Harem of the Nile production was incredibly well done and captivated the audience completely. The beautiful music and the even more stunning dancers took over the Arbor Theater for almost 2 hours. Not nearly long enough. They could have kept going all night, in my opinion. They are performing again today at 1pm slt at the Arbor Theater. I believe seats are still available, but need to get there early to get a seat. After that outstanding performance Friday, I imagine it's going to be standing room only today!

The major climate change has greatly impacted Alura Hills. Our sleepy little town has turned into a desert! Madam is playing again, setting up the next big event! There's a party happening next Saturday, March 24th. Whispers are that genies, magic carpets and sand play into the theme. Keys have been scattered about the town again... Stay tuned!

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