Friday, March 9, 2012

He's Back!!!

Well my lovelies! Look who's back on the scene! Edward Manor, right hand man and gatekeeper to Lure Manor was spotted disembarking from a ferry last week. Where he's been hiding out for the last month or so, has yet to be ascertained, but when questioned, he said he's been taking care of matters in Old Town and taking charge of the renovations. Interesting cover story, as he's not been spotted anywhere in Alura for weeks now.
I'm very curious what his reaction to the recent press Madam Sah and our DA, Rowen Devlin have garnered. How much of what's been going on been done with his knowledge and permission, and how much has been done with the "when the cat's away, the mice will play" mentality? If the latter is the case, that was foolish on Sah's part. She has to realize that anything of note done by her, ends up in the news.
Edward made an appearance with Sah at last week's Friday party. I had a verbal cat-fight with Sah, during which, she lost her usually cool composure and blew her stack at me, in public. Edward interceded, practically pulling Sah back to the Manor by her hair for a dressing down of his own. Apparently, he wasn't pleased by her lack of control. I would have loved to have been a mouse in someone's pocket for that conversation!.. Stayed tuned! I wonder if they're going to show at today's party? I know Sah loves mermaids!

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