Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Final Chapter - From Whence We Came

First the Djinn's sands overran the sleepy little town, and we had to pay for Madam's dabbling in the supernatural with desert conditions for a few weeks. Now Mother Nature has decided to pay us a call....

The major off-shore earthquake has caused a permanently shelf shift and now the waters that surround us are rising to dangerous levels. A state of emergency has been issued for all coastal towns. There has been a call for an immediate evacuation of all residents, this includes those of us that live in the bluffs in Alura Hills. Is a tidal wave imminent?

As i gather up my most prized possessions, like my roos, loading up my vehicle, I look off towards the new development of Isola Alura. The bay has already swallowed the houseboats and is climbing rapidly to engulf the bridge. There is no time to waste.. I hope everyone makes it out in one piece, including Madam and her band of henchmen.

I will miss this town, and all of its intrigues. It was my home, play-place, tableau and tapestry to weave together the contents of this blog and share it with my voracious readers... Until we meet again, be well my lovelies. I must be off, just in these few moments it's taking to write these lines, the waters have begun to...............................................................

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