Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween update!

Hello lovelies! It took more time than expected to find places for the souvenirs I brought home. As you all know, Halloween is one of the major holidays for me and it was more interesting than normal this year. I jumped from party to party and ended up with a seance with three very famous couples and a host of the semi-famous. The rumors that some of them are fascinated with parlor tricks and the occult apparently wasn't exaggerated.

I can't imagine going to all that trouble to contact dead relatives just to find out what tie you should wear. However, wondering where the family chocolate chip cookie recipe was left, might have been worthwhile. The medium was a phony of course. The apparition was pure particles and the bangs and moans were a recording. Sighs, really?? With all talented artists and builders in sl? That's the best you can do? I was not impressed, and anyone who bought it deserved to be fooled.

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